i love your blog! and a little treat for you: i found a teaser for christmas version of WMYB on youtube called 'that would make it christmas time' ! check it out, it's quite funny! xx

aw thank you! you’re the nicest I will :)

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Posted 1 year ago

if I follow you off of here, it will say that my other account followed you just sayinnnn

follow me pleaaaaaase

since you asked….. :)

i love you

I love one direction. There so cute and amazing singers


hallo but harry has convers white low or high it is urgent answer me here in my fan club one-direction-speciale

hello i love you one direction:-)io essere italiana non so richiedere in inglese sorry

I don’t know what that means

i love one direction

Thank you for posting our video. We really appreciate it :)

It was so freaking cute I couldn’t help it!

We’re 7 year old triplet directioners hoping some day One Direction will see the video we made for them.

Liam and Danielle<3

Liam and Danielle<3

Message me if you want me to follow you because this account won’t tell me who I do and don’t follow

Love you guys!



Pap of the Week&lt;3

Pap of the Week<3